Mission Statement

Enabling individuals and businesses to take informed decisions and conduct secure, trustworthy and efficient financial operations.



Our industry upholds trust as the basis for all our activities and the foundation of relationships. We know and care about the individuals and businesses whose information we hold and strive to ensure they benefit from information use. We build trust through transparency of the data we hold and the processes we use. We act with honesty and respect in all our interactions, complying with the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and industry codes, in particular with data privacy law.


To stay relevant, we improve with society’s changing needs. We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. Our industry therefore produces, embraces and channels positive change, to create better opportunities for our customers.


Putting customers first, our industry works to provide useful, explainable, real-time and cost-effective solutions for all types of credit providers (banks, retailers, peer to peer etc.), decision-making organisations and end-customers.

Our industry ensures that its databases are accurate, verifiable and reliable. Our industry avoids a use of data that originates or perpetuates biases or that leads to discrimination.

In every step of the data processing we ensure rigorous security and safety of the data.

Our industry embraces cutting-edge technologies that help derive meaning from the relationships between all accessible and relevant data. As such, our industry embraces the benefits of big and open data and state of the art data analytics.

Our industry gathers and processes data from different sources in a manner that facilitates the integration and management of large datasets.