Mariusz Cholewa, President of the Management Board of Biuro Informacji Kredytowej S.A. (BIK), was elected President of ACCIS at the Annual General Meeting held on 12 May. Mariusz follows Enrico Lodi in this position, who has served the association as President since 2018. Under Enrico’s leadership ACCIS entered a period of vibrant internal thinking about the association’s role in the broader financial ecosystem. The ACCIS Family is grateful for his service and achievements.

Mariusz has served as a Vice-President of the ACCIS Management Board since 2017. Also holding a PhD Degree in Economics, Mariusz has an extensive academic and managerial experience in the banking and credit referencing sector, and has been President of the Management Board of BIK since 2013.

‘I am extremely excited to be able to participate in the development of the data analysis industry in these interesting times, now also from the perspective of managing such a unique and respected association as ACCIS’ – Mariusz said when outlining the priorities of his presidency. ‘Trust and innovation have always been key values in our organization, my goal is that they also become the basis for opening ACCIS to new relationships with all companies involved in collecting, processing and analysing data relevant to assessing financial credibility.’

Mariusz also touched on the possibility of broadening up the ACCIS membership. ‘To take a step forward as an industry, we at ACCIS will be more open to inviting new members to join, companies that collect and distribute credit information or any other relevant data for  creditworthiness assessments on consumers or businesses.’

‘We will cultivate innovation, one of our core values within ACCIS membership culture to generate more added value both for individual members and our industry’ – he concluded.

The General Assembly also has elected Petr Kučera of the CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau to fill Enrico Lodi’s vacant seat in the Management Board. The presidency of Mariusz will therefore be supported by Petr as well as the current members of the Management Board: Marco Benvenuto (Experian Italy), Peter van den Bosch (BKR), Åke Dahlqvist (Asiakastieto) Jorge Hernandez (Equifax), Stefano Stoppani (CreditInfo), and Peter Villa (Schufa).