The final report of a research project by ECRI-CEPS (the European Credit Research Institute of the Centre for European Policy Studies) and the University of Edinburgh was presented today at CEPS’ Brussels headquarters. The report ‘Data sharing in credit markets – Does comprehensiveness matter?’ is authored by Giovanni Barci, Galina Andreeva and Sylvain Bouyon.

Sponsored by ACCIS, the study employs a rigorous econometric methodology to analyse a database of credit information collected by European credit reference agencies in order to examine how the comprehensiveness of shared data impacts financial inclusion, financial intermediation and the risk of missed repayments. It also provides a qualitative analysis of how so-called ‘non-traditional’ data impact credit markets.

Following the opening remarks from Karel Lannoo, CEO of CEPS and General Manager of ECRI and Enrique Velazquez, Director General of ACCIS, Sylvain Bouyon, Associate Research Fellow of CEPS, presented the report’s key findings. Later a lively and informative debate took place between qualified experts: Paulo Silva, Legal Officer of the European Commission’s DG FISMA, Enrico Lodi, Managing Director of CRIF, and Fiona Caboni, Head of SME-Retail Credit Risk at Santander Bank. The panel was moderated by Karel Lannoo.

A must-read for anyone interested in credit information, the full report is available here.