About the Bank of Slovenia Central Credit Register:


The Central Credit Register has been established in accordance with the Central Credit Register Act (Official Gazette of RS, No. 77/16), and constitutes a centralised national database on the indebtedness of individuals and legal entities.

It has been established for the purpose of exercising the Bank of Slovenia’s powers and tasks (particularly in the area of monetary policy, financial stability, macroprudential supervision and risk management) and for the purpose of managing the Data Exchange System.

The Data Exchange System was established for the purpose of effective credit assessment and credit risk management, the encouragement of policies and measures for responsible lending and sustainable borrowing, and the prevention of over indebtedness on the part of individuals and legal entities.

The Data Exchange System is divided into:

  • database on individual indebtedness – SISBON
  • database on legal entities indebtedness – SISBIZ


Website: http://www.bsi.si