On 9 September 2021, ACCIS introduced its new visual identity to the public.  In addition, to a recent update to its name (formerly Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers) it had also undergone a visual refresh. From the logo to the website to social media and member content, the new look is clean and modern, representing the ACCIS’ approach to the future of the association.  In June of this year, ACCIS also updated the association’s statutes in order to expand its membership criteria.

”ACCIS aims to be the voice of all companies involved in collecting, processing, and analysing data relevant to assessing financial credibility. In line with our ambition as well as the development of digital communication standards, we decided to update the visual identity of ACCIS”, said Enrique Velazquez, Director General, ACCIS.

The new look was well received by members and the public.

“We are very pleased with the response and are convinced that this update will positively impact the perception of the association, reinforce our standing with European institutions and our valuable stakeholders, and reflect the dynamism, innovation, and trustworthiness of the credit data management industry”, said Velazquez.

For more information, please contact the ACCIS Secretariat at: secretariat@accis.eu