Consumers in Europe now have an easy way to get a copy of their free credit report at

Brussels, Belgium (23 November 2020) – The Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website,, where European consumers can have access to essential information and educational resources on credit reports, credit scores, and credit reporting agencies. They can also connect to 41 credit reporting agencies across Europe, to obtain a free copy of their credit report.

“ has everything a consumer needs to learn about the importance of credit reports and credit scores. It is a hub for European consumers to connect to credit reporting agencies and obtain their credit report for free”, said Enrique Velázquez, Director General of ACCIS. “ACCIS is excited about providing this valuable resource to the public.”

While many Europeans use credit, they are often unfamiliar with their credit report or on how to obtain it. With its new website,, ACCIS aims to clarify the role credit reports and credit scores play in the lending process and what consumers can expect from credit reporting agencies. Via the website, consumers have:

  • access to 41 ACCIS member credit reporting agencies across Europe where they can request a free credit report
  • detailed information on what a credit report is and the data that is used to determine a credit score
  • information about how to improve a credit score
  • information about how credit reporting is working during COVID-19
  • valuable additional resources

The Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS) represents the largest group of credit reference agencies in the world. ACCIS brings together 42 members across 28 European countries and 10 associate and affiliate members from all other continents.

For more information contact:
ACCIS Secretariat
Tel: +32 2 761 66 93