Introducing the ACCIS Academy

Dear Member, Associate, Affiliate,

Welcome to the ACCIS Academy, a dedicated corner on the ACCIS’ intranet, exclusively designed to serve as a treasure trove of resources tailored to your needs. This marks an exciting step forward in enhancing your association experience and providing you with easily accessible tools to thrive in your respective businesses.

What to Expect: In the ACCIS Academy, you will find an array of exclusive resources, documents, and materials that are handpicked to cater to your professional requirements. We have strived to assemble a comprehensive collection that will prove invaluable to your endeavours.

Your Contribution Matters: While this resource corner has been carefully curated by the ACCIS Team, we also encourage you to contribute to its growth. Have a whitepaper you’d like to share? Insights from your latest industry event attendance? Feel free to submit materials that you believe can benefit your fellow members.

Feedback and Suggestions: Your feedback is of paramount importance to us. Should you encounter any issues with accessing the resources, have ideas for improvement, or wish to suggest additional resource categories, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

Thank you for being an integral part of ACCIS.

Best regards,

Enrique Velázquez

Director General, ACCIS

ACCIS general resource hub

Discover a collection of essential resources, such as our Advocacy Strategy, Regulation Tracker, past Membership Surveys, etc.

ACCIS Roundtables and Webinars

Gain exclusive access to expert insights, lively discussions, and cutting-edge presentations from our association’s dynamic gatherings.

ACCIS Annual Conference | WCCRC

Find invaluable insights and discoveries from our much-awaited annual conference and from the bi-annual World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference.

ACCIS Industry News

Empower yourself with the freshest and most exclusive industry updates.

ACCIS Library

Discover a curated collection of mainly academic papers designed to empower, inform, and inspire.

Global Standards and Guidance

Find a comprehensive source of information about global credit reporting initiatives.


Policy files

Consumer and mortgage credit | CWAs

Artificial intelligence

Open finance | Open banking

GDPR | Data governance

Cross-border credit reporting

PCBs & PCRs complementarity | AnaCredit

Other innovations (ESG, DORA, Cyber, DLT, Metaverse, etc.)

Financial Education