On 23 April, Neil Munroe, President of ACCIS, and Enrique Velázquez, Director General, presented the main findings of the 2017 ACCIS Membership Survey at an event in Brussels.

The survey presents how the key parameters and business indicators in the credit reporting industry are evolving over time. The report also covers emerging developments that are relevant to our industry such as the use of social media data and access to data by FinTech credit providers.

Renatas Mazeika, head of the Consumer Policy Unit at the European Commission, delivered some opening remarks. In his speech, Mr Mazeika referred to the future steps of the Commission with regards the evaluation of the Consumer Credit Directive (CCD). Mr Mazeika welcomed the ACCIS survey report and said that it was very complementary to the mapping exercises currently underway under Action 9 of the Consumer Financial Services Action Plan on creditworthiness assessments.